Making manual work more productive

Would you like to empower your employees in a digitised working environment? Then say hello to TeamViewer – the leading provider of fully integrated industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions.

The TeamViewer Frontline solution platform works with the latest wearable computing technologies to improve manual work processes across industries, and along the entire value chain. It offers a number of functions to help boost productivity. These include access to remote experts and the ability to create manufacturing and maintenance workflows, as well as visual picking tools for logistics environments. It has all the tools your employees need to carry out their work, quickly and effectively.

Key features

Key features

  • 100% certified for use on the Dynabook dynaEdge Windows 10 platform
  • 100% support for the Dynabook AR-100 smartglass
  • Use cloud or on-premise server hosting
  • Frontline Command Centre offers a web-based interface for managers, IT system admins, and remote experts to manage users, assign tasks, check reports and to initiate video calls to support from remote
  • Within the Frontline Command Centre the tool Frontline Creator, a graphical no-code editor, enables users to configure and deploy custom workflows easily, saving costs and time for development
  • TeamViewer Frontline ensures optimal video and audio quality thanks to dynamic control of bandwidth when on a remote expert call
  • Invite extra participants to the remote expert call via the in-built conference feature, including external parties via a shared web-link

Working together to achieve greatness

Frontline on the dynaEdge and AR100 maximises the available resolution on the smartglass for the ultimate viewing experience.

Users can also navigate the interface using their voice, dynaEdge control buttons, AR100 smartglass control buttons or the trackpad on the AR100 itself. This means users can select the most appropriate method depending on what is best at the time and in their environment.

Overview of TeamViewer Frontline solutions

xAssist (remote expert)

Connects engineers and technicians to remote experts for help and advice in real time. This helps to digitise service processes, improve customer response times, boost productivity and reduce costs.

xMake and xInspect

Gives users assembly and inspection workflow processes to follow. This helps increase productivity, reduce error rates and monitor workloads.


Provides pickers with visual data, audio prompts and verifies the process at each step to ensure there are no errors made. This speeds up picks with fewer errors and more flexibility.

Users can scan items using the camera in the AR100 smartglass and can also connect additional hand, ring and RFID scanners to the dynaEdge for interaction with Frontline.

Working together to achieve greatness

What does this look like in practice?

Quite often there is a need for engineering skills to be available in a country where there are no engineers available. Traditionally, this would see a specialist engineer travel at great time and expense to the area where his skills were required. Restricted movements or the unavailability of engineers could severely impact on the time taken to restore an operational site to working capacity – or even commission a new site into operation. But that’s where Frontline can help.

What does this look like in practice?
What does this look like in practice?

Frontline allows to digitise knowledge with workflows and to connect a local engineer to with an expert –anywhere in the world -– to get the guidance and training they need to complete a repair. The local engineer can either follow step-by-step instructions and checklists to commission a new plant or equipment and troubleshoot with oversight by the expert or designer remotely when a problem occurs. As a result, it allows companies to save valuable time and money.

Discover how dynaEdge and TeamViewer Frontline can transform your way of working and increase productivity.

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